My photo imagery originates in curiosity for my surroundings and a interest in surreal imagery and the experiment.

My latest interest as a photographer lies in the making of new architectural forms and shapes by combining familiar sights and buildings in order to create a new surprising image that evokes a shared feeling of familiarity and curiosity.
The double exposure images that make up a large part of my work presented here, are made in-camera and the various captures making up the new scene are made only seconds apart on the same piece of slide film. This film is then cross-processed for enhanced contrast and a added colorcast.

The works presented here are my personal interpretations of certain places and cities that i have visited or lived in the last few years and are made available here for sale as fine art prints and for licensing purposes.
You can order prints, series and limited edition prints directly from me. Use the contact form on your right for more info. Or come pick a print live, from the collection i present on the old fishmarket in Bruges from time to time.

I hope you enjoy viewing this portfolio.

Robin Vandenabeele


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