Let me introduce myself:

My name is Robin Vandenabeele and I am the photographer of all the works you will find on this site.
This website is intended to be my online portfolio and a place where you can buy prints and license images as a professional or simply browse at leisure to see some nice photos as a visitor.

I grew up in rural West-Flanders in Belgium in a small town. Not being very interested in the schooling system and preferring reading books over learning courses I became a school drop out. Looking for work i became a stagehand and that escalated rather quickly. Since then I have held the positions of light technician, rigger, scaffolder, setbuilder, stagebuilder, staging supervisor, crowd control management for various compagnies and different projects.  These jobs got me traveling to interesting places so I bought a Praktica MTL5 camera with a screw mount to document all this. I was hooked after i got my first proofs from the bw film back from the lab. After a lens got stuck in the screw mount i invested in a Pentax MZ-5 and i have been loyal to Pentax ever since, up to my current Pentax K-1. I took photos whenever and wherever I could, experimenting with crossed processed and outdated slide film to get wild effects. After I saw what was possible using a plastic toy camera making some double exposures I decided that wanted to explore this road further, but produce cleaner images. Now, a few years later a sizeable part of my portfolio is made up of these images and I gladly present them to you here.

I now live in Bruges and still provide rigging and staging services seasonally, the rest of the time I try to focus on my photography and produce new works or print and market parts of my archive.
My work has already been used to illustrate bookcovers, to decorate a boutique hotel lobby, is sold on the local market in Bruges by myself and will soon be seen in a few floating galleries..

If you are a company and  interested in licensing my work, please get in touch for availability and conditions. Feel free to use the lightbox function to save your favorites while browsing!

If you would like to help me and fund my further photographic ventures, please consider purchasing a print.
I offer a selection of limited edition prints, signed and numbered on archival paper.
All prints up to A3 size are made at home with love, care and very professional material. I stand for quality throughout the whole process, from obtaining the image to presenting it back at the world in printed form.
You can find purchase info on the individual artwork pages.

Enjoy the ride!


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